Project Description


Overview – eCommerce Web Design

When Drew Guthrie from contacted Utopia to enquire about eCommerce Web Design for his new business, we were delighted to be considered for the project. After lengthy discussions on the requirement and vision Drew had for his new e-commerce website, we confirmed we could achieve all of his requirements with ease. One of the most difficult requirements was the amount of products offer, this is over 1000 products. The quantity was not the concern, it was achieving the vast amount of work in the short turnaround period our client was looking for. Never the less, we knew we could achieve this work load, so we ensured from the offset we had our team creating the products one by one from the very start. This allowed our senior developers to commence the design and functionality work to ensure we achieve the requirements our client requested. The client was sent the eCommerce Web Design within 3 working days, Within 8 working days we had a completed website which had been approved by the client to go live.


  • Responsive eCommerce Web Design
  • Ecommerce Online Store
  • Easy but Comprehensive Navigation
  • Large Product Offering – Over 1000
  • Instagram Integration
  • Logo Design
  • Blog Creation
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Search by Category
  • Quick Turnaround